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Mother's Milk





Mother's Milk

Forensic psychiatrist Barrett Conyors is Back...

As a doctor, Barrett thought she was used to death, but now, as a mother of an infant, she found the still-warm bodies of two heroin-addicted teenagers particularly hard to accept. These were just kids; so young . . . somebody’s children.

The chief suspect might have been Jerod Blank; a twenty-two year old homeless drug-addicted man with schizophrenia, but he’s on Barrett’s side. Really. Even though Conyors’ boss, Janice Fleet, the Commissioner of the Department of Mental Health, thinks otherwise, after confronting a deranged Blank, gun in hand, in her offices.

The only other person on Barrett’s side, apart from her mum of course, is Detective Ed Hobbs, who’s fallen for her in a big way. But even Hobbs can’t stop Barrett from following a complex trail of seduction, drugs and violent death. And as the truth gradually unravels, Barrett is caught, yet again, in the crosshairs of a killer . . .

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