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The Portrait














Out in paperback July 2008!

"Recklessly Entertaining"

                            --Kirkus Reviews

"Great Pacing and a riveting point of view."


"Just a hint of the urgency that fuels Atkins's slick, assured debut."

                                    --Publisher's Weekly

To read an interview in The New York Times about THE PORTRAIT click here.

    Soho artist Chad Greene is having a bad week.  Just home from the hospital his dog is shot, his loft is ransacked, and his psychiatrist is murdered.  His manic depression is heating up--okay, maybe he shouldn't have stopped his lithium--and the boundaries between reality and psychosis have blurred.  As for the police, they look at Chad, and they see a murderer.

    On the plus side, his agent couldn't be happier.  His paintings are selling better than Starbucks coffee, and the publicity that swirls around the young artist is propelling him to break-through heights.

    But Chad is running out of time.  Hunted by a killer who shares secrets from his past, pursued by the police and hounded by his own insanity, he struggles to make sense of the chaos that has overrun his life.  He sees no way out, and to find the answers he must risk all and plunge into a world of total madness.

On The Portrait:  I wrote The Portrait as something of a political statement.  I wanted a mainstream novel whose hero had a serious mental illness.  It gave me--and the reader-- a chance to look at the world through the eyes of a man who periodically misplaces reality.

The first draft, one of many, was written entirely in the first person, present tense.  As I got introduced into the world of publishing, I realized that in such an extreme form, it would never get published.  Even so, the final product still contains much of Chad's internal monologue.

To date, The Portrait has been translated into German and Italian, and a mass market paperback edition will be coming out soon.  To read an interview I gave for The New York Times on THE PORTRAIT, click here.  

The Portrait can be purchased through on-line booksellers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  If you'd like to obtain a personally inscribed copy ($25 including S&H), send an email to atkinsunlimited@aol.com .  A mass market paperback edition of THE PORTRAIT will be released in July 2008; it is available for preorder through Amazon

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