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Humor & Healing




Humor & Healing



Stress can kill and humor has the power to heal.

    The Humor and Healing presentations are a side-splitting way to learn about the mind-body connection, and about how our thoughts and emotions produce positive, and negative, effects on our physical and emotional health.  While the emphasis is on humor and laughter, other techniques to reduce stress are explored. 

Humor and Healing is ideal for groups and organizations that would like to give their members/employees a morale-boosting experience, as well as workable techniques to use in their day to day.

This talk has been presented in many venues and the content and length are easily modified to meet the needs of any group.  The style of presentation is highly interactive.  Past presentations have included:

  • Hospital Auxiliaries
  • Major Corporations
  • State Agencies
  • Community Groups
  • Fund Raisers
  • Medical Grand Rounds

Click here read an essay entitled HUMOR & HOPE, first published in American Medical News.

Click here to view a partial list of organizations to whom I've presented

All presentations can come with any/all of the following to make them Human Resources friendly:

  1. Written Goals and Objectives
  2. Pre and Post tests
  3. Course evaluations
  4. PowerPoint presentations
  5. Handouts
  6. Flyers





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