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Stress Reduction

At work and at home, high-stress lifestyles have become a part of the American way.  We are all susceptible to the deleterious effects of unrelieved stress that can be as mild as occasional insomnia, or as severe as clinical depression, heart attack and stroke.

Stress kills.  But we can do something about.  In fact there are many well-validated and easy to learn techniques that can help us master our day to day stress.

Sample Stress-Reduction presentations and trainings:

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Training

           Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is a well validated technique for treating depression and anxiety; it’s not just for patients.  Cognitive training–the identification, challenging, and correcting of distorted thoughts–provides powerful techniques for handling stress.  During this fun-filled workshop, participants will learn the basics and gain experience in using these techniques.

  • Stress in the Workplace: How to get it, give it and get rid of it

            Workplace stress is a serious problem that leads to employee absenteeism and burnout–not to mention it just makes everyone miserable.  This highly interactive presentation encourages employees to look at real-life situations, and learn techniques to help them through the rough spots.  Specific topics include:

  1. Handling the difficult employee
  2. How to deal with an unsupportive supervisor
  3. Teams that don’t get along
  4. Passive-Aggressive behavior in the office
  5. Approaches to change

All presentations can come with any/all of the following to make them Human Resources friendly:

  1. Written Goals and Objectives
  2. Pre and Post tests
  3. Course evaluations
  4. PowerPoint presentations
  5. Handouts
  6. Flyers